Photographing History: Architect Attribution Can be confusing

Who designs a building when it is done by a large firm, with a named partner,  or when the client changes architects? (3) In the early 20th century John Russell Pope was commissioned to design a campus plan for Dartmouth College,a late 18th century college with some buildings dating nearly to the date of founding.  Pope’s plan was not executed, according to most accounts, but whoever laterImageImage designed the plan and the 1930s buildings clearly followed Pope’s ideas. (2) I always attribute the Christian Science Church on 16th St.,Washington,DC to I.M. Pei because it was his firm and he did the Christian Science Complex in Boston, but my colleagues always credit it to a Pei partner. (1) In the last few years, scholars now make a big deal of the role of the Norcross Brothers in H.H. Richardson’s designs.  The argument is that he only did these magnificant drawings and it was left to Norcross Brothers to figure out dimensions, resulting in something that could be built.  (C) Bill Lebovich, 2013.  All rights reserved.Image

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