Sir Norman Foster’s dazzling modifications of Historic Buildings

British architect Foster has an international practice and reputation because of his innovative buildings such as “The Gerkin” in London and his glass top for the Reichstag, Berlin.  His handsome, modern designs are too numerous to enumerate.

In the United States he has extended his concept of the glass ceiling over the courtyard of the British Museum to the glass and steel canopy over the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery/Museum of American Art (photo 1,originally the 19th century Patent Building).  Even more compelling is his multifaceted glass and steel tower on top of the 1930s Hearst Building in New York City(photo 2). At the Hearst Tower, he gutted the original building interior turning it into a multi-story atrium, with an angled escalator cutting through a sloping water garden, drenched in light pouring in the windows (photos 3 and 4).

(c)Bill Lebovich, all rights reserved, 2013.ImageImageImageImage

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