My upcoming illustrated lecture on Lafayette Square

318   Life, Love, Death, and Rebirth on Lafayette Square
 This lecture will look at the intersection of art, architecture, politics, and the late 19th century American intellectualism/progressive movement by examining the lives of John Hay, Henry and Clover Adams and other prominent Americans who lived in the houses facing the House White, across Lafayette Square. The lecture will also examine Jacqueline Kennedy’s brief occupancy, but great influence on American politics.
Lunch & Learn – lunch will be provided
Bill Lebovich, Architectural Historian, Photographer

Monday          11:30 AM to 1:00 PM        Sep 16

1 Session       $18
Live & Learn Bethesda is a non-profit organization that provides adult education classes at the Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Services Center, 4805 Edgemoor Lane, in downtown Bethesda adjacent to the Bethesda Metro.
People can view our catalog and register online at or call us at 301-740-6150.Image

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