OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArchitectural historian for National Register of Historic Places, Historic American Engineering Record and Historic American Buildings Survey.  I was responsible for the “America’s City Halls” catalog and exhibit, circulated by the Smithsonian Institution. Since leaving the National Park Service, I have been a free-lance historian, documenting buildings for building owners.  For National Naval Medical Center (now Walter Reed National Medical Center) and Marine Base Quantico, I wrote histories and photographed several buildings.  I wrote the chapter of Eero Saarinen for the AIA Gold Medal book and written several articles for an-online architectural magazine.

Architectural photographer working in large format and digital doing mitigation documentation, and commercial architectural photography.  My photography has appeared in newspapers, journals, museum catalogs and exhibitions.  I have photographed Coast Guard Cutters in Massachusetts and Maryland, as well as Coast Guard Lighthouse in the Gulf of  Mexico and a Coast Guard Base in Maryland.  Also railroad engine repair facility in Michigan, Army Medical hospital in Colorado, numerous other military bases, as well as houses and other structures in the mid-Atlantic.

I wrote and photographed Design for Dignity (Wiley), case studies in accessible design, including the Vice President’s House.  I have written and lectured on making historical properties accessible (ADA), taught documentary photography, and lectured at the college level on American architectural history, and had exhibitions in Washington,DC and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

In addition I give architectural tours of Washington,DC.

One of my most recent projects was HABS photography of the former headquarters of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  HABS photography means large format (4″ x 5″), black and white sheet film, archival processed, with archival contact prints.8(c) National Trust for Historic Preservation

(photo of me by J. Bryan Blundell,Dell Corporation)

contact: architecturalphoto@me.com or (301) 467-2831.



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