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Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, Amsterdam Ave,between 110 and 113th Streets

Heins and LaFarge won the commission in the late 19th century and did the rear end of the church. They were replaced by Ralph Adams Cram. Of the major late 19th to early 20th century American cathedrals, this is the only one not completed.

Heins and LaFarge also designed the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, Washington,DC where JFK’s funeral was held. (This church was posted months ago.)St John the Divine

Heins & LaFarge, prominent late 19th/early 20th century civic architects

Both men had studied at MIT and then worked for Henry Hobson Richardson.  Two of their most significant designs were St. John the Divine, in Morningside Heights, NYC (bottom image) and The Cathedral of St. Matthew’s in Washington, DC.  The latter church  was where the funeral for President Kennedy was held.

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Holy Rosary Church by Maginnis and Walsh

The pre-eminent Roman Catholic Church architect  in the early to mid 20th century in the US was this Boston-based firm.  Best known for its large churches, the firmImageImageImage also designed exquisite smaller churches such as Holy Rosary Church on 3rd St.,NW.  The congregation is celebrating its 100th anniversary this December, but the structure was started ten years after the founding of the congregation.