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Late 19th century textured architecture

In the Adams Morgan section of Washington,DC, an upscale bohemian neighborhood of row houses and distinctive restaurants featuring international tastes, there is equally impressive architecture.

This late 19th century large residence (now residences) shows variety of materials (brick and copper), range of colors (yellowish brick and nearly black copper), and narrow brick with tight joints suggesting weaving, and visual interest through the detailed panels and contrast between various rounds and flat surfaces and roofline.IMG_3629.jpgIMG_3631.jpg


Idiosyncratic urban architecture

In late 19th century American architecture, there was a brief period when architect and client broke the rules and used decoration that was bold,even bizarre — suggesting ancient Pacific carvings (or at least in the architect’s imagination). Symmetry was much less of a restraint; colors and textured were mixed and challenged each other.
Rowhouse north of Dupont Circle.
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