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Decorated frieze on early 20th century chimney, Washington,DC

For a Beaux Arts architect it did not matter that the decoration could not be appreciated from the passerby on Massachusetts Ave. six floors below.  The juxtaposition of blank planes and decorated friezes on the chimney  were about hierarchy of design and space, and about an architect saying that no matter if almost no one sees it, he controls completely the smallest details as well as the biggest issues such as massing and planImage.

©Bill Lebovich, all rights reserved, 2013

The Bauhaus Re-interpreted in Washington,DC

ImageImageImageImageThe pristine white apartments of the Bauhaus are here enlivened with cubes and curves, bands of angled brick, in yellow rather than white flat siding, and the overhang supported by pole are less regular.  And the least Bauhaus feature is the stone facing under the overhang and on the low walls.  It is my assumption that the stone facing is original.

© Bill Lebovich,all rights reserved, 2013.

Henry N. Cobb’s The American Association for the Advancement of Science Headquarters

Cobb,FAIA, was a founding partner of Pei Cobb Freed and designer of many iconic buildings, such as The John Hancock Tower, in Boston’s Copley Square.

AAAS building, 1997, is four blocks east of the West House on New York Ave.

It is one of the most attractive, dignified modern buildings in Washington,DC, showing that classic architecture can be erected in the US Capital despite a height limitation that prominent architects from outside (and inside) Washington,DC  believe blocks the design of high class modern buildings in the City.

The height limitation is to be reconsidered by the Federal government.Image