Month: September 2014

Monumental Libraries in Boston,NY,Chicago, Seattle, and Washington,DC

One American architectural tradition that continues since the early 20th century Beaux Arts glory days is building powerful libraries,often with great interiors, by prominent architects.McKim,Mead and White’s Boston Public Library with addition by Philip Johnson; Mies van der Rohe’s firm in Washington,DC; Rem Koohlaas in Seattle; Thomas Beeby did the Harold Washington Library in Chicago;Carrere and Hasting’s 42nd Street Library in New York City; and Carnegie Library in Washington,DC by Ackerman and Ross. Andrew Carnegie was a benefactor for the last two libraries,along with numerous small town libraries throughout the US.

Settle Public Library 3

Settle 3



MLK Library 2

Harold Washington Library

Carnegie Library 1

Boston Public Library 6

Boston Public Library 10

Boston Public Library 5

Boston Public Library 4
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HABS photographer Jack E. Boucher’s funeral was held two years ago on Sept. 7th

The funeral was held at St. Mary Mother of God church in a 1890 building,with mass conducted in Latin by an elderly priest with his back to audience, until he turned around to speak of Jack in English. He talked about how Jack participated in Sunday services and they were always afraid he would falter in rising from kneeling. Given how conservative in religion and most other matters Jack was, it all seems very appropriate in a Victorian way.

The facade is Gothic and austere, but the sanctuary is Gothic and joyous. That also seems to fit Jack’s personality.

(c)Bill Lebovich,all rights reserved,2014St. Mary Mother of God 1

St. Mary Mother of God 2

St. Mary Mother of God 3

St. Mary Mother of God 4

Heins and Lafarge, prominent New York City Architects

The firm might be best known for its NYC subway stations, but its Cathedrals in NY and Washington,DC as well the Metropolitan Club near the White House are worthwhile examples of their late 19th century Beaux Arts and H.H. Richardson,for whom they worked, architecture.  The photo of St. John the Divine shows the front of the church,which was designed by Cram,who replaced Heins and Lafarge after they completed the chancel end and crossing of the church.  Washington’s Cathedral of St. Matthew The ApostleSt. John the Divine,1047 Amsterdam, Ralph Adams Cram, begun 1892 Metropolitan Club 3 Cathedral of Mathew Cathedral of St. Matthew's 1 DSCN0068‘s is very much in the Richardsonian style.  The funeral for JFK was held at this church.  (3 photos of St. Matthew The Apostle, 1 photo of Metropolitan Club, and 1 photo of Cathedral of St. John the Divine)

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