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Embassy Row sculptures

Massachusetts Ave., NW is lined with former turn of the century (19th into 20th centuries) mansions that are now rather forbidding embassies, with lots of security cameras and barred windows and doors.  But the addition of sculpture celebrating the founders of the countries, their religions, or in one case, memorializing the assassination of a former Chilean diplomat and his aide by car bomb as they drive on Mass. Ave. has made Embassy Row more interesting,more informative,ImageImageImageImageImage and more attractive.

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Adams Memorial

Henry Adams asked his friend Augustus Saint Gaudens, the most prominent American sculptor, to design a figure as a memorial to Adams’s late wife, Marion Hopper, known as Clover.  She was an accomplished photographer.  Another friend, architect Stanford White designed the classical base and rear panel.  Henry Adams is also buried there, but no names appear.

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Martin Luther King Memorial, National Mall

The abridged quotation on another side of the Memorial is now being removed by the sculptor.  This photograph was taken a few months ago, therefore, the scaffolding erected for the sculptorImage does not appear.

The quotation was viewed as a distortion of King’s words and sentiments.

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